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Caminos de Agua Mexico

Quenching a Thirst for Innovation

Discover how real-world community challenges can inspire powerful new solutions that make the world a better place. Visit a non-profit in Mexico to learn how practical engineering innovations are helping to improve access to clean drinking water in a historic community that relies on a freshwater aquifer.

Classroom Resources

Dive deeper into the Caminos de Agua Mexico video with the help of the companion Educator Guide. Access the Student Activity for engaging ways to apply engineering concepts from the video to students’ own lives.

Innovator Spotlight

Meet Allie Reiling, Director of Technology at Caminos de Agua, a non-profit dedicated to improving human health and community welfare through access to clean drinking water. Find out how Allie’s problem-solving skills and passion for collaboration grew out of the early inspiration she received from her mother as a kid.

“As I got older I was introduced to various engineers, and saw the impact they can have on communities.”
Allie Reiling | Director of Technology, Caminos de Agua