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Meet Diverse Problem-Solvers Engineering a Better World

Immerse students in the ever-expanding world of engineering by exploring the lives of real people with real stories of using problem-solving skills to improve lives. Open doorways for your students into every imaginable industry with career resources that highlight a wide range of unique STEM professionals.

Explore career profiles of people who are using STEM skills they learned in school to become the kind of problem solvers that make a difference.

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Supplier Quality Launch Leader, GM

In light of widespread closures of manufacturing plants and parts suppliers due to the pandemic, Alex and his GM colleagues collaborated with an outside company to help produce ventilators, using their manufacturing skills for the greater good.

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Vice President of Technology

The VP of Technology oversees a large team comprising a wide variety of engineering disciplines and sciences, all coming together to innovate life-changing tech. They use a strong fundamental understanding of math, physics, and chemistry to develop new devices capable of improving lives.

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Field Cost Controller

Cost Controllers analyze the relationship between how well a project is progressing, and how much is being spent on that project. Working directly on the job site allows them to communicate and collaborate closely with the rest of the Project Management team.

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Distributed Energy Resources Engineer

Distributed Energy Resources Engineers ensure that homes and businesses continue to have a safe and steady supply of energy, whether through solar power or battery. They use their expertise in renewable and non-renewable energy resources to satisfy customer needs in a way that is most sustainable.

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Engineering Project Manager

Engineering Project Managers enable Mechanical Engineers, Civil Engineers, and Electrical Engineers to collaborate on solutions for strengthening natural gas and oil infrastructure. They are skilled problem-solvers with engineering knowledge who love taking things apart and putting them back together again.

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